Friday, August 21, 2009

PETA-filia revisted - PETA to Fatties: Stop Eating Meat

Who can tire of PETA? Every time they pop up, they are out there name-calling, attacking, or engaging in some other inflammatory behavior. Most of their stunts give off the vibe that this group is nothing but a sorority for the sort of shallow, anti-social, emo and psuedo-intellectual wieners you'd come across in your College Lit classes. You know the ones, they sit in the back sighing at the rest of the class doodling "I heart Sylvia Plath" on their 100% recycled notepad dreaming of the day they could get revenge.

Well, today they get revenge on the world at large by calling people fatties! That's right, the gyst of today's fun tale is that if you eat meat, you're a fattie. Read about it here (with audio links from a radio interview by one of the members). I know after hearing about this I want to put down my hamburger, grab an acoustic guitar and sing Koombaya around a campfire while sharing wheat grass salads with my fellow commune members. I'm sold!

If only someone could have called me a name sooner, I'd be a size double-zero and wearing that little black dress I've always wanted...wait, this movie has absolutely nothing to do with me! In fact, this doesn't have anything to do with anyone. The claims they make are wildly unsupported. The vegetarianism they are promoting isn't even necessarily vegetarianism it's veganism. They offer zero information on proper nutrition and ultimately seem to loathe humanity. If you truly loved animals more than you loathed humanity, why wouldn't you seek to sway or engage minds rather than inflame them? I'm not sure about you, fair reader, but I am NEVER moved to adjust my habits by people calling me names. In those case I'm far more likely to consider that person a first-rate A-hole and be against whatever they espouse just because I don't like them and I have a feeling I'm not alone on this.

For my farewell, I'll leave you a fun bit from The Onion. While it's a satire site, the fact that your organization, PETA, is known for despising people so much that it's reached the height of satire in our country shows what a dismal failure you are.

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  1. The thing that I think is the saddest about PETA is that they go so overboard that they alienate people who might be sympathetic to their cause. How many times have I heard somebody say "I love animals," and then be quick to clarify "but I am not one of those PETA nut jobs."